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French 12 Paper
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C Elliott
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Students should ignore any reference in the course material to a Provincial Exam, as the
Ministry of Education removed this requirement in Sept 2011.


It is recommended that students complete: French 11 or equivalent
No. Exams: 
Proctored Exams: 

En Direct 2 (Prentice-Hall Canada Inc.)

En Direct 2 Cahier (Prentice-Hall Canada Inc.) 

Avec Brio (Pearson Education)

Introductory Appendix

En Direct 2, Activites Unite 1-5 CD 

Evaluating Oral Proficiency in Core French DVD 

Jeunes Francophones Programs 1–5 DVD

Blank audio tape


Supplies provided by students:

English/French dictionary. Find one that gives a description of irregular verbs. Two suggested dictionaries are: Collins French Dictionary and Grammar (Harper Collins) or Websters French/English Dictionary (Websters).

Use of an audio tape recorder and CD/DVD player are required for this course.


No. Modules: 
Course Modules: 

Module 1: Franco-tour

Section 1: Travel within the French-speaking world

Section 2: Possibilities for language study and immersion programs; reasons for learning a language

Section 3: Video: Jeunes Francophones

Section 4: An introduction to the kinds of questions usually seen on a provincial exam.

Section 5: Preparing a project; reviewing for Module 1 Test


Module 1 Test (listening and written) covers the work of Module 1.

Module 2: Magazine Sons & Images

Section 1: Categories of artists and art forms; questioning and summarizing skills; using à and de

Section 2: Reacting to musical genres; subjunctive mood; expressions to indicate feelings and reactions

Section 3: Concept of beauty as expressed in the visual arts; use of inversion rather than est-ce que

Section 4: Activities dealing with the creative experience.

Section 5: Provincial examination preparation relating to the creative experience.

Section 6: Preparing a project; reviewing for Module 2 Test


Module 2 Test (listening and written) covers the work of Module 2.

Module 3 : Droit au but Images

Section 1: Aspects of the law as presented in the media, stating arguments; infinitif passé

Section 2: Methods of questioning, description and narration; using passé composé; imparfait and plus-que-parfait to describe situations and events

Section 3: Ecology, endangered animal species, depletion of the ozone layer; interviewing skills, summarizing, seeking clarification; using quel and lequel

Section 4: Current medical trends, creating and answering a survey; using si + imparfait + conditionnel 

Section 5: Technology and its applications; using futur simple to discuss future events, futur antérieur tense

Section 6: Provincial examination preparation

Section 7: Presenting project, reviewing for Module 3 Test


Module 3 Test (listening and written) covers the work of Module 3.

Module 4: Flashmédia

Section 1: Print media discussion of social issues, producing persuasive messages, slogans, short messages, advertisements, press release; le present, le futur simple, les pronoms objets, le subjonctif, les questions, l’impératif, le participe présent

Section 2: Electronic media, oral presentation skills, body language; persuasion; infinitif and subjonctif, using conjunctions and conjunctive locutions to connect ideas

Section 3: Preparing a project on this module; reviewing for the Module 4 Test

Section 4: Practising examination skills


Module 4 Test (listening and written) covers the work of Module 4.


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