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Social Studies 10 Paper
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Social Studies 10 focuses on the growth of Canada from colony to nationhood, with an emphasis on the years 1815 to 1914. Various themes are revisited throughout the course including immigration and the face of Canada’s cultural mosaic, the use of art as a reflection of history, the changing nature of democracy and the role of the First Nations in Canada’s development.  Themes from the past are linked to current issues and events whenever possible.


Social Studies 10 is divided into four modules and makes extensive use of the interactive multimedia CD, Prospects.  Occasionally, an atlas is required for this course.  Any atlas will do.


It is recommended that students complete: Grade 9 or equivalent with a good foundation in mathematics
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Horizons: Canada Moves West (Prentice Hall)

Prospects CD 

The Canadian Oxford School Atlas


In order to access the multimedia objects in the course, students must have Adobe Flash player version 7 or higher installed on their computer. Go to then look under the menu: Downloads/Get Flash Player.


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Module 1: Canada: The Place, the People

Section 1: Regions of Canada

Section 2: A Sense of History

Section 3: Cultural Diversity

Section 4: Flight or Fight: The Great Migration


Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.


Module 2: A Nation Emerges

Section 1: Settling the East

Section 2: Representative vs. Responsible Government

Section 3: Rebellion!

Section 4: Reaching for Confederation

Section 5: The New Dominion


Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.


Module 3: The Not So Wild West

Section 1: What was Happening in the West?

Section 2: The National Dream

Section 3: Resistance or Rebellion

Section 4: Build Your Nest in the West


Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.


Module 4: Closer to Home—A Look at British Columbia

Section 1: From Territory to Province

Section 2: The Changing Face of British Columbia

Section 3: Re$ource Rich BC!

Module 4 Test covers the work of Module 4.


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