Visual Arts 10: General Paper

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Visual Arts 10: General Paper
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D Boucher
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This course offers students a firm foundation in drawing and design basics and introduces them to art appreciation, crafts, painting and photography. 


Students complete 4 of 6 modules. The default modules are modules 1, 5, 6, 8 - students may choose module 2 or 3 in replacement.  All students will take Module 1 (Drawing) and Module 6 (Theme and Image), unless previously completed at the grade 8 or 9 level.   


DVD programs accompany the Design Module, the Painting Module, and the Printmaking Module.  A videotape is optional for the Drawing Module.


There are no tests for this course.


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Read Me First

Resources for each module are listed below.

Art supplies are provided, but students may supplement these in order to complete the final projects they have chosen.

Supplies provided by students:

A camera and film is necessary for the Photography Module.


No. Modules: 
Course Modules: 

Module 1: Drawing

Section 1: Making a start

Section 2: Movement

Section 3: Contour drawing

Section 4: Finishing touches


The resources for this module are:

Drawing Supply Kit                      

CD for Modes 1, 7 & 8 

  or optional Audio Tape for Mods 1, 7 & 8 

Video (optional)


Module 5: Photography

Section 1: About cameras

Section 2: All about lighting

Section 3: How to improve your photographs

Section 4: Fun with your camera


The resource for this module is:

Photography Supply Kit            


Module 6: Theme and Image

Students utilize skills learned throughout the course to explore these four themes, completing four projects from a wide variety of suggestions.

Section 1: Simplification

Section 2: Elaboration

Section 3: Selection

Section 4: Juxtaposition


The resource for this module is:

Theme and Image Supply Kit 


Module 8: How to Look at Art

This module is considerably more academic than the others in this course. Only students who do reasonably well in English and Social Studies should take this module.

Section 1: Voice of fire: good buy or bad?

Section 2: Looking at landscape

Section 3: Anti-war cries

Section 4: The Abstract Expressionists


The resources for this module are:

How to Look at Art Supply Kit

CD for Modes 1, 7 & 8 

  or optional Audio Tape for Mods 1, 7 & 8 




Module 2: Design

Section 1: The filling of given spaces

Section 2: Graphic design

Section 3: Using what we know

Section 4: Design in architecture


The resources for this module are:

Design Supply Kit                      

DVD: Module 2 


Module 3: Painting with Acrylics

Section 1: Getting started

Section 2: Colour, composition, and unity

Section 3: Through thick and thin

Section 4: Variations on a theme


The resources for this module are:

Painting Supply Kit                    

DVD: Modules 3&4 

 or optional Video: Modules 3&4 


Module 4:  Printmaking

Section 1: Planographic printing

Section 2: Relief printing methods

Section 3: Intaglio methods

Section 4: Stencil printing


The resources for this module are:

Printmaking Supply Kit              

DVD: Modules 3&4

or optional Video: Modules 3&4    



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