CSS Completion Rate and Engagement Study

Chilliwack High School Completion Rate Survey

Strongly AgreeAgreeNo opinionDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I feel that I belong (am accepted and liked) at school
I care about people at this school
I feel emotionally safe in my classes
I am often bored in class
I don't like to participate in school activities (such as sports, clubs, field trips, dances etc.) outside of class
It is often hard to pay attention in class because I'm worrying about problems outside of school.
Most of my teachers know my name
My school disciplines students fairly
My opinions are valued by teachers
Most of my teachers like me
I feel emotionally safe outside of the classes (washrooms, lockers, hallways, cafeteria etc.)
I know what the school rules are
I am not comfortable being myself at school
I can be creative in classroom assignments and projects
Classes in my school are challenging
I respect most of my teachers
I feel physically safe outside of the classes (washrooms, lockers, hallways, cafeteria, etc.)
If I could choose a high school right now, I would choose this one
Overall I feel good about being in this high school
I feel physically safe in my classes
Students in my school treat one another with respect
I enjoy extra-curricular activities (such as sports, clubs, field trips, dances etc.) at school
I follow the rules at school
Students in my school care about learning
Teachers respect student differences
I often get into trouble at school

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