No sound on a PC


No sound on your PC (Windows XP/Vista/Seven)

Due to the vast diversity of soundcards, chipsets and drivers and the thousands of combinations and ways something can go wrong (driver? hardware? wrong port? Vista?) we can only provide generic help for the most common sound issues. If we determine during troubleshooting, that this is a setup issue on your system, we will refer you to your PC manufacturer's hotline.

Before we begin, some basics. All PC soundcards have at least the following two sound connectors: (according to PC System Design Guide)

  • Speaker or Headset (amplified) OUT, usually green(ish)  marked with a speaker or headset symbol
    Note: depending of what you connect, the sound chipset present and the operating system in use this might double as Line-Out (= not amplified OUT) if no headset is connected and/or the sound mixer software has been set to Line-Out
  • Microphone IN (amplified), usually red/pink and marked with a microphone symbol


Another connector which might be present:

  • Line-IN (not amplified), usually blue(ish), symbol not standardized
    You would connect your HiFi equipment to this connector (PLAY/OUT on a Stereo amplifier)
    Important: Microphones will NOT work.
    Note: depending of the sound chipset present and the operating system in use the blue(ish) connector might double as Line-OUT

PC Sound Card

Laptops usually only have 2 connectors: Mic in and Headset/Speaker out.

Laptop Sound Card

Same standardized color coding here. Red/pink is for microphone in, green/light green is for headphones/speakers out.

Ok, let's get to work.

  • Make sure, your microphone is connected to the proper microphone-in jack on your computer (red/pink).

  • If you have two sets of connectors, one in the front of your computer and one in the back, please use the ones in the back first!
    Reason: The front connector could just be inoperative by a simple cabling issue, the back plane connector always works though.

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