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English 10 Online
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B Jeansonne
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The aim of English 10 is to promote personal and intellectual growth through the exploration of different perspectives on topical and timeless issues. Through reading and listening to a variety of fiction and non-fiction selections, you will be encouraged to think about the world around you from your own point of view, as well as from that of others. You will express your own perspective on the various issues though personalized responses, and through more formal writing projects such as the multi-paragraph composition. By the end of this course you will be able to connect your personal experiences to broader social contexts, and do so in a critical, creative, and articulate manner.

English 9
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FVDES English 10 Website
Sightlines 10 Textbook
The Chrysalids


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Module 1: Skills Building

Section 1.1: Reading

Section 1.2: Writing

Section 1.3: Viewing

Module 2: Novel Study-The Chrysalids

Section 2.1: Impressions

Section 2.2: Choices

Section 2.3: The Novel, Life, and You

Module 3: A Thousand Voices-Discovering Poetry and Short Stories

Section 3.1: Storytelling Traditions

Section 3.2: Discovering Poetry

Section 3.3: The Short Story

Section 3.4: English 10 Exam Preparation


Each module consists of sections, lessons, activities, journal/discussion entries, section assignments (which you will submit for marking), and tests (for module 2 and 3).


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