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Information Technology 10 Online
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S Hayes
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Information Technology 10 offers a wide variety of learning opportunities to students of all levels of computer usage and skill. Students who are new to the world of technology and those continuing from other technology courses will find interesting challenges and great possibilities in this course. Information Technology 10 assignments and projects allow a high level of personal creativity and individuality as students develop their skills and knowledge. Participation in weekly online vClass / Elluminate Live! Meetings and various alternative assignments that are offered throughout the school year is strongly encouraged. This is a great elective course to give students a solid understanding of technology that can be applied both in other courses and outside of the school environment.

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Computer (Mac/PC)

FVDES FirstClass Account

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Module 1 - Know Your Computer

Module 2 - HTML Programming

Module 3 - Spreadsheets

Module 4 - Databases

Module 5 - Pascal Programming

Other module options available in discussion with teacher

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