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Planning 10 Online
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G Porro
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Introducing Planning 10

Planning 10 is unique because it's a course about you! 
That's right - you.

This course will help you:

  • discover who you are, what talents and abilities you possess and how they relate to your
    high school course selections, possible opportunities for study after high
    school, and potential career choices. 
  • explore healthy living and decision making.
  • learn how to get that drivers license! 
  • create a resume and cover letter that you can revise when you start applying for jobs.
  • learn about personal finances and taxes. 

Before you begin, you must have completed the ConnectEd course If you have
done other FVDES courses before, you may have completed ConnectED some time
ago.  If this applies to you, please contact me to let me know and I can
check your records.  

Planning 10 is a required course in British Columbia for
Graduation.  To review the BC Ministry of Education course learning
outcomes and details, please follow the link below.

British Columbia Ministry of Education - Curriculum
Subject Areas IRP Information

Marks Breakdown:

Each module is worth 20 - 30% of your mark. Modules 1 and 3 are worth 30% each and
Modules 2 and 4 are worth 20% each.


Grade 9 Completion
Proctored Exams: 

FVDES Website and external web links.

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Course Modules: 

Planning 10 provides opportunities for students to:
• plan for successful learning in the Graduation Program
• explore a wide range of post-secondary education and career options
• think critically about health issues and decisions
• develop financial literacy skills related to pursuing their education and
career goals
• begin planning for their transition beyond secondary school


Course Topics:

Module 1 – Health

Section 1 – Health Information and Healthy Living

Section 2 – Healthy Relationships & Healthy Decisions

Section 3 – On the Road

Module 2 – Education and Careers

Section 1 – Education Options

Section 2 – The Road to Graduation

Section 3 – Career Options

Module 3 – Job Seeking and Safety

Section 1 – Getting a Job

Section 2 – Your Rights and Safety on the Job

Module 4 – Finances

Section 1 – Personal Finances

Section 2 – Taxes and More



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