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"I have seen an absolute improvement in my son's progress since starting at FVDES."

Grade 4 Parent

Our online and paper-based programs offer a variety of options, supporting different ways of learning.  All our students are provided with a school email and marks are available for viewing online anytime.  Online courses are well structured and feature full-time teacher support and instruction.  They include virtual classrooms, online forums and quick feedback.  Paper-based courses offer a wider range of course options and do not require Internet access.  Of course, you have the option to take some courses online and others by paper.  Our programs are designed to allow you to make decisions based on your personal needs.



FVDES Educational Programs

There are currently five Programs available through FVDES:

  • Full-time Elementary (Grades K - 7)
    • A complete elementary program for those students not enrolled in regular school.
  • Full-Time Middle School (Grades 8 & 9)
    • A complete middle school program for those students not enrolled in regular school.
  • Secondary (Grades 10 - 12)
    • Full Time: A secondary program leading to graduation for students not enrolled in a secondary school.
    • In-School: Individual courses for students registered in secondary school.
    • Out-of-school: Individual courses for students not registered in secondary school.
  • Adults 
    • individual secondary school courses for adults who wish to complete, upgrade or enhance their education.
  • K - 12 Special Education
    •  A special education program for any school age students who fall under a B.C. Ministry of Education special needs category.

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