British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma Program

An adult high school diploma is the British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma (BCAGD), also known as the "Adult Dogwood." It is for adult learners (18 and older) who want to take courses in order to complete high school and obtain their adult high school diploma. Visit the British Columbia Adult Graduation Site for more details.

Getting Your High School Credential

To graduate with a BCAGD or Adult Dogwood, students must have a Language Arts 12 course, a Math 11 course, and at least three additional Grade 12 electives or Socials 11 and two additional Grade 12 electives. Courses and credits can be counted from either or both of the public secondary and post-secondary systems. Adult learners are not required to complete the Graduation Numeracy or Literacy Assessments to graduate with the Adult Dogwood. At the same time, adult learners should be aware that some post-secondary institutions may require that students write assessments/examinations for admission purposes.

The British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma, also known as "The Adult Dogwood" B.C. Post Secondary System Qualifying Courses

B.C. Post Secondary System Qualifying Courses   B.C. Secondary School System Qualifying Courses
A Provincial Level (Grade 12) English or higher    OR    A Language Arts 12 (4 credits)
An Advanced (Grade 11) or Provincial Level or higher Mathematics*    OR    A Mathematics 11 or 12 (4 credits)
Three additional courses at the Provincial Level or higher or Advanced Social Sciences and two Provincial Level courses or higher    OR    Three Grade 12 Ministry-authorized Courses (4 credits each) or Social Studies 11 (4 credits) and two Grade 12 Ministry-authorized Courses (4 credits each) (12 credits total)
Total: 5 courses   Total: 20 credits

Additional Information:

Adult Graduation Program July 2018: "To earn the Adult Graduation Diploma, an adult student must, either through enrolment or assigned credit through prior learning assessment, complete or obtain at least 3 courses after being admitted in an adult program. Students working toward the Adult Dogwood may carry over two eligible courses taken before they began the adult program. They may take courses from either colleges or school districts, or they can use qualifying courses from both systems and combine the attained credits to satisfy the Adult Graduation Program requirements."

Adult Basic Education: A Guide to Upgrading in British Columbia’s Public Post Secondary Institutions – An Articulation Handbook 2018/19 Edition from the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training