Course Title
Composition 10
Course Subject
English Language Arts
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Composition 10 is designed for students who have an interest in developing their skills in written communication in a variety of contexts. The course provides students with opportunities to think critically as they explore, extend, and refine their writing. Within a supportive community of writers, students will work individually ad collaboratively to explore and create coherent, purposeful compositions. They will develop their craft through processes of drafting, reflecting, and revising to build a body of work that demonstrates breadth, depth, and evidence of writing for a range of situations. The course provides opportunities for diverse learners to be supported in developing and refining their writing abilities.
English 9 or Upgrading Equivalent
All resources are provided within the course. Students will need access to the Internet and will be required to use some online tools.
Course Modules
Module 1: Communication
Module 2: Thinking
Module 3: Personal and Cultural Identity
Module 4: Personal and Social Responsibility
Module 5: Independent Novel Study