Course Title
Literary Studies 10
Course Subject
English Language Arts
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Focused Literary Studies 10 (2 credits) is designed for students who are interested in the literature of a particular era, geographical area, or theme, or in the study of literature in general. This course allows students to delve more deeply into literature as they explore specific themes, periods, authors, or areas of the world through literary works in a variety of media. Giving students the choice of a range of literary topics allows them to follow their passion and at the same time:
1) Increase their literacy skills
2) Enhance their development of the English Language Arts curricular competencies
3) Expand their development as educated global citizens
4) Develop balance and broaden their understanding of themselves and the world, and 5) Develop higher-level thinking and learning skills.
Recommended English 10 Composition (2 credits)
All resources are provided within the course. Students will need access to the Internet and will be required to use some online tools.
Course Modules
Unit 1 Thinking
Unit 2 Communication
Unit 3 Personal and Cultural Identity
Unit 4 Personal and Social Responsibility
Unit 5 Independent Novel Study