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Social Studies 10
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Social Studies
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In this course you will address important topics in the history of British Columbia and Western Canada, the history of Colonial British North America, and Aboriginal history. You will explore the advantages and disadvantages that were considered before Confederation finally took place 1867. You will read about how the economy of Western Canada developed, founded on our abundant natural resources. Chinese Canadian Legacies delves into the formal apology for historical wrongs committed against BC's Chinese Canadian community. Finally, you will be looking at what makes Canadians who we are, throught the lens of historical events and current cultural standards.
Social Studies 9
All resources are provided within the course. Students will need access to the Internet and will be required to use some online tools.
Course Modules
Module 1 - Canada on the International Stage
Module 2 - Political and Economic Systems
Module 3 - Chinese Canadian Legacies in BC
Module 4 - Canadian Culture and Identity