2019 – 2020 FVDES Grade 10 Program Information


Registrations Close for this Current School Year on Friday, February 14, 2020. Courses must be completed by June 15, 2020.


Please Note: All required resources are to be picked up at our FVDES Chilliwack location.

FVDES Part Time Students Taking Grade 10 Courses

Grade 10 students who are registered at another school in the Chilliwack School District may take Grade 10 courses as a cross-enrolled student. Please refer to the list of Grade 10 courses available.

FVDES Grade 10 Full Time Programs

The areas of study for Grade 10 are as follows:

Chilliwack students wanting to register full time at FVDES in Grade 10 should consider tailoring their courses in a semester fashion, keeping in line with the traditional bricks and mortar school setting. Students should then plan their course work to coincide with the September to June school calendar year.

Program 1:
Blended Learning @ FVDES

Wednesday and Friday Mornings 8:30am - Noon

Students in Grades 10 to 12 select courses based on graduation requirements, personal interests and as prerequisites for post secondary programs. Due to the personalized nature of the student’s programs, FVDES will continue to offer the Student Support Sessions designed specifically for students in Grades 10 to 12. In addition to this, special focus days will be scheduled such as assessment preparations, writing strategies etc. It is expected that full-time Grade 10 students attend these sessions on a regular basis.

Program 2:
Gr. 10 Distributed Learning (DL) at Home

The Grade 10 Distributed Learning courses are designed for students who are motivated and work on their course work at home. These students have access to the FVDES Student Support Centre for additional help. The onsite teachers and DL students maintain regular communication throughout each week, and work is submitted on a regular basis.

Programs 1 and 2:
Parents/Guardians and Home Facilitation

How can parents/guardians help their child be successful with Distributed Learning?

Parents/guardians play an active role by providing guidance, support and direction to their child. The responsibilities also include:

  • Become familiar with the curriculum, content, and resources of the program/course(s) or learning choices outlined on the Student Learning Plan.
  • Provide a suitable permanent workspace for their child.
  • Ensure their child completes school work on a regular basis.
  • Review all work and assignments, with their child before submitting to FVDES.
  • Help their child make the arrangements for taking tests, and ensures that they are prepared.
  • Review returned work and feedback from the teacher(s) with their child.
  • Monitor the online grade-book with their child.

We hope you will join our community of learners!

FVDES is authorized by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and uses BC certified teachers.