Tests for Grade 8 to 12 Courses

Most of the Grade 8 to 12 courses have tests included in the requirements for the modules and course completion. Please refer to the course outlines for the specific information about the tests in each course that you are registered in. Students will not receive a final grade until all of the tests are completed, in each course.

Tests are to be taken at FVDES. (46361 Yale Road, Chilliwack) The course module work must be completed before a test is taken. Each test may only be taken once. Depending on the course, the tests may be written, but most tests are electronic only.

To book at test, please e-mail: fvdes-testclerk@sd33.bc.ca

When taking a test at FVDES, all students must have current Canadian issued photo identification.

Information about the Graduation Assessments and Provincial Exams is under Graduation Requirements (Student Information).