It is very important for students to be knowledgeable about their own graduation status during Grades 10 – 12. All students are expected to access their information and records, through the Ministry of Education StudentTranscript Service.

Students will first need to create a BCeID if they do not already have one. This can be done at

The Ministry of education has provided a video and step-by step instructions on how to obtain the BCeID and access the transcripts and other information.

When students complete Grade 10 – 12 courses and the required assessments, the information is transferred from their schools to the Ministry. Sometimes there may be a delay in the transfer.

Please review your current graduation status with regards to accuracy, for your completed courses and also for the assessments. This is available through the Ministry StudentTranscript Service by viewing the Unofficial Transcript. If you have any questions regarding your courses, please contact the FVDES counselor via e-mail at